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Join the hotfrets community. Chord scales or arpeggios. Members version includes all extended and complex chords across the entire neck with real guitar sound. Tab Maker
Below is the free version of Tab Maker.

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How to Use the HotFrets Tab Maker

TabMaker is a simple, easy to use tab creator. Tablature is one of the most popular guitar notation methods on the Internet. If you're not familiar with tablature, click here (opens in a separate window) for a quick flash movie that gives you an overview of tablature.

One of the reasons tablature's popularity on the Internet is the fact that all it takes to create tablature is a simple text editor like notepad. Problem is, notepad and other text editors force you to enter multiple lines of dashes for every note you place on the tablature line. And you can't just copy and paste a single string line. It gets pretty tedious.

That's why we developed TabMaker & TabMaker Pro. TabMaker gives you a point-and-click interface to create tablature fast and it's easy to learn. For a quick start guide click here (opens in a separate window). The guide is an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file and is approximately 214K in size. To get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader click here (opens in a separate window).

TabMaker Pro (click here for a large screenshot 75K opens in a separate window) is the member's version of TabMaker. If you have logged in as a member you should see TabMaker Pro below instead of the free version.

TabMaker Pro includes audio and a few other features not incuded in TabMaker. To become a member and get access to the member versions of all the Cool Tools on the site for less than $1 per week, click here.

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