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Tab Looping Feature
Looping Feature!
Plays string-bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides
Plays Bends & More!
See patterns forming to aid in learning your song or riff
Pattern View!
You control the flow of playback or step forward or backward one fingering
Control The Flow !


Tab Alive! Plus HotFrets Premium Content Package

Tab Alive! Download Bundle

Tab Alive!
Online Version Includes HotFrets Premium Content!

This includes all the following:

  • Tab Alive!
    The online Tab Alive! application gives you the ability to process your own tab, import tab from other sources (copy and paste from a tab or txt file) and access to all the other public Tab Alive! files uploaded by other subscribers for one full year! You'll be building a searchable archive of Tab Alive! files that you can access any time.

  • Annual Membership to
    With access to all the premium content on the site including the Featured Riff Archive!
  • The Arpeggio Generator
    (The HotFrets Arpeggiator) spells out any chord you can think of and all over the neck of the guitar graphic! Here's how it works:
    • choose a key
    • choose from 34 chord types for that note
    • Immediately lists the notes that make up that chord and displays a guitar neck graphic with the note names everywhere they occur all up and down the neck!

  • The HotFrets Scale Generator
    Automatically generates any scale you want to learn & creates it across the guitar neck! Shows all the notes used in the scale. Allows you to see recurring patterns all along the neck. 126 scales each of which run the entire length of the guitar neck!

  • The Chord Progression Generator
    Wanting to write a song & need to hear some chord progression ideas? There are over 1,200 possibilities in this handy little application!

    Generate chord progressions in every key and immediately hear them played in various styles! Audio is a real guitar, not cheesy midi toy sounds!

  • The HotFrets Chord Finder
    One of the easiest to use and most popular chord finders on the Internet, you'll have immediate access to several fingerings for each chord. Visually scroll through each fingering and quickly pull up chords in every key.
Tab Alive!
Download Bundle
$75/yr Coming Soon!

This includes all the following:

  • All The Above
    All the items listed above in the Tab Alive! Online Access/Hotfrets Premium Content package are included in the Tab Alive! Download Bundle plus what's listed below.

  • The Tab Alive! Application for Offline Use
    Download the Tab Alive! application for use offline. You can download any public Tab Alive! files from the members area of the site as well as create your own! You'll be building your personal, searchable archive of files on the site and, every time you generate a new file, you'll receive it immediately via email for use offline! This combination package covers all the bases! You'll always have your files both on and offline!