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Jazz Melody Exercise I
submitted by: cavis style: jazz
category: lessons level: intermediate
Description: This is a little 8th note melody that twists and winds mostly in the key of C.
teachers notes for this guitar tab submission
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Using the Tab Alive! Player
There are several parts to the Tab Alive! online guitar tablature player. Some of these might not be noticeable at first glance so below is a brief explanation of each main feature.
  • Play Button
    click image to enlarge
    Though tablature makes no provisions for rhythm notation, we've decided to add a play button to step evenly through each section so you can pick up your guitar and follow the progression of notes or chords while hearing them sound!
  • Speed Controller
    The speed slider does just what the name implies. Slide it to the left and the playback slows down, slide it to the right and playback speeds up!
  • Step Forward & Step Backward Buttons
    Just like in the HotFrets lesson interface, you can move one fingering at a time through the Tablature you've submitted to get a step by step visual of the notes in the tablature. You'll also hear the notes being played!
  • Line Forward & Line Backward Buttons
    Use the line> or <line buttons to move forward or backward one complete line at a time through any section.
  • Cursor Follows Notes on the Neck graphic!
    So you always know where you are, a translucent bar graphic tracks your steps through the Tablature!
  • Looper Button
    click image to enlarge
    You can click the looper button to reveal a resizable, shaded area. Drag the edges of the loop area to cover the section you'd like to loop and click the play button. Tab Alive! will automatically continue to loop the area you've shaded allowing you to pick up your guitar and play along.

    NOTE: If an edge of the loop area is just outside of a hammer-on or other multi-note characters, you might have to fine tune the area by moving it in a little bit. Otherwise it may loop one extra note just outside the shaded area.
  • Memory Button
    Turing on the memory button will leave light gray dots anywhere a note has been. This will help you to see patterns forming as the tab file plays. You can turn this feature on and off at will to clear the patterns and start over. Used in conjunction with the looper, this can be a valuable tool.
  • All You Need Is Notepad!
    Notepad or any other text editor that allows you to create text-based tablature is all you need. Create you own or you can open, copy & paste tab from any of your existing favorite tabs. As you probably already know, there are hundreds of thousands of tab files on the Internet and most of them are free. Currently only HotFrets members can create their own Tab Alive! files.

    NOTE: There are many good tab files out there and then there are many that are strictly junk. You can check out some of the recommended tab sites here.

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