Major Scale Fingerings


The major scale fingerings below are set up to allow you the convenience of playing 3 notes on every string. Looking at the fretboard diagram below, you see all the notes of the F major scale. These are F, G, A, Bb, C, D and E.

There are many trains of thought for major scale fingerings but none that help you to learn the neck like this one. The series of notes and fingerings used below are built starting on each note of the scale moving up the 6th string. Practice these scales using an UP/DOWN pick technique and learn each of the patterns.

The different starting points are sometimes referred to as modes of the scale. In other words, if you start on the 2nd note of the scale (in this case "G") and play the notes of the scale (the F major scale) your said to be playing the DORIAN mode of the scale. There are 7 notes in every major scale so there are 7 starting points or modes in every major scale. Below are the various mode names:

Major scale mode names

Don''t worry if this is all Greek to you, we'll be introducing an entire course on improvisation which will help you to understand this completely. For now just tuck this information away and work on the fingerings below. (See the directions below)

Watch a video of the fingerings below using good hand position...


  • Click the STEP > button to move forward one fingering at a time. (or use the spacebar)
  • Click the < STEP button to move back one fingering at a time. (or use the back-arrow key)
  • Click the Forward PAGE button to move to the next neck-position. (or the up-arrow key)
  • Click the Backward PAGE button to move to the previous neck-position. (or the down-arrow key)