Keys To Effective Rhythm Guitar Part 1



A LITTLE LIFTPlease review the HANDS video of this lesson to see and hear a demonstration of this simple technique. Basically all you have to do to execute this technique is momentarily blunt the strings so that you get a percussive sound from the pick but without any actual notes sounding. By alternating back and forth between allowing the notes of the chord to ring and muting or blunting them, you can create a tasteful rhythmic effect while continuing to steadily strum across the strings with your pick hand.

Slightly lifting your fingers and rolling them downward is all you need to do in order to get the blunted sound for the percussive effect we're looking for here. To get this pattern in your mind and under your fingers study the key to the strumming strokes below.

Now take a look at the snapshot from the main tutorial screen with the strokes above the chords. The right hand strumming is nothing special here. What's different about this lesson is what you do with your left hand. Notice that you start with a downstroke followed by an upstroke and then another downstroke where you blunt the strings with your left hand.

So your right hand continues a down / up / down / up pattern and your left hand lifts and presses down the strings every other downstroke.


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