Jimmy Page Riff



HEARTBREAKER RIFFThis lesson only shows you the intro riff for the song. We'll be adding a few more lessons on other sections of the song later. Just so you'll know, the chords used in the verses are A and D. Later there are a few more chords added but we'll get to them in another lesson. If you look, you'll probably find some TAB for the chord progression of the song.

There are basically 2 hand positions you'll need to execute in order to play this riff. For most of it you'll use the position shown in the picture below. Click the HANDS button at the top of the lesson page to see a short movie on what the wide rock vibrato looks like (it's the page that shows the neck chart and has the moving finger numbers. Go back to it and click the button labelled, "HANDS" at the top of that page.)

The riff repeats the opening pattern 3 times and then moves up a whole step (2 frets higher in pitch.) Instead of starting on an A note it starts on a B note. This is where you'll need to adjust your hand position. Refer to the 1st picture on the left below. Notice that the hand position changes to best support your little finger. The reason is you'll have to use your 4th finger to do a stretch on the 6th string and you'll be playing notes in all 4 frets in the 2nd position. 2nd position refers to your 1st finger being placed in the 2nd fret, followed by your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers covering the next 3 frets up. You achieve this hand position by 1st placing your 4th finger COMFORTABLY in the 5th fret and then reach backwards with your stronger 1st finger. Many guitar players find this hand position uncomfortable. This is usually because the player is so used to placing his/her hand in a position that best supports the first finger as opposed to the little finger. The result is that they can't "REACH UP" the neck 4 frets above the 1st finger. However, by following the steps outlined below you should be able to get to this hand position quickly and comfortably after only a little practice.


  1. Slide the pad of your thumb downward to the center of the neck as opposed to hanging over the top as in the first picture.
  2. As you slide your thumb down toward the center of the neck turn the palm of your hand toward the sky. This will bring your knuckle-line around so that it is more parallel with the strings. It will also force your thumb to point towards the headstock of the guitar.
  3. Make sure that your wrist is slightly bent down and away from the back of the neck and curve your fingers around to the strings.
  4. Now place your 4th finger on the 6th string, 5th fret (remember we're in 2nd position.) If you've done everything right to this point you should be able to do this easily and still reach backwards to the 2nd fret with your 1st finger, which is a 4 fret span.
  5. Study the 2nd picture from the left above of the player's view of the hand position described here and make minor adjustments.

Given a little time, you'll be making this hand position change naturally. Remember, RELAX. If you're struggling with this, you're probably working too hard at the wrong thing. IF SO, TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE ABOVE CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.



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