Adding the 4th String



SHARPS & FLATS or ACCIDENTALSThe Theory lesson entitled, "The Fundamentals Of Music Theory" goes into detail about what sharps and flats are. If you haven't already, you should look at that lesson. Go back to the Member's Home Page and click the Theory link at the bottom of the page to find it. That being said, a brief description of what a sharp (symbol- #) and flat (symbol b) is follows:

A sharp symbol located by a note tells you to play the note 1 fret higher in pitch than the note it is by.
A flat symbol by a note tells you to play the note that is 1 fret lower in pitch than the note it is by. Another name for a sharp or flat is "accidental." The theory section goes into a little more detail about all these things.

The diagram below shows the C and D note on the second string with the C#(which could also be called Db) in-between the C and D. What you should call it (C# or Db) just depends on which note you want to relate it to. Some teachers will tell you that it should have to do with what key you're playing in (another good theory lesson). Others will tell you that if you are playing an ascending note line (going upward in pitch like C to C# to D) that you should call it a C# and if you're desending (like D to Db to C) you should call it a Db.

I really don't think it much matters what you call accidentals as long as you play the right note! I do think that writers should call accidentals by the name that makes it easiest to understand.GET SOME TAB, GIVE SOME TABYou want to learn some songs? Don't forget to check out the TAB exchange. Since you are learning to read tablature (TAB) you'll really appreciate the wealth of TAB available on the Internet. The HotFrets TAB Exchange allows you to share your TAB with the Internet guitar community and get any TAB that's available in the TAB exchange database. Be sure to check it often because it will continue to grow as more people contribute their favorite TAB and your favorite song may just be there tommorro if it isn't today.OK, I KNOW THE MUSIC TRAX ARE A LITTLE CORNY. . .OK, they're really corny, but hey, give me a break. I'm trying to give you something to play these little exercises along with in a variety of styles. Hang in there, we're getting to the good stuff reall soon. It would be an injustice to you if I didn't give some of this stuff. It will help you, I repeat, just hang in there. . .



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