Wish the guitar fretboard wasn't such a mystery?
Want to demystify it and become a truly creative guitarist?

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Guitar Chords in Every Key

This handy tool shows every chord in every key including all types of minor keys.

Pick a key, pick a scale type and immediately you'll see all the notes of that key across a long guitar neck. Buttons display each chord that belongs in that key and clicking one of them highlights the notes of that chord.

Like the other tools, you can mouse over the notes and hear the audio. Oh, did I mention that it's free to use? Have at it!

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Full Length Lessons

HotFrets at one time was a paid membership site but now you get access to all the full-length guitar lessons.

Lessons include:

  • An interactive tutorial file
  • A details section that generally explains the lesson in detail
  • Media files including some video demonstrating how to play each lesson
  • Practice backing tracks
  • Notation of the lesson both in standard notation and tablature. Some of these require the free Scorch plugin.

Oh, and did I mention they're now all free?

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Guitar Chords in Every Key

Our newest guitar learning aid, this is an all-in-one tool for use in your guitar practice time.

Shows chords in arppegio form all across the guitar neck. Color-coded to identify chord intervals.

Whether you are an accomplished guitarist or just getting started you'll learn a ton using this tool.

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Guitar Chord Finder

This was the first guitar learning tool we created. It's tried and true and very easy to use.

Who needs a chord dictionary with 1,001 chords when you've got this thing? Check out the Chord Finder.

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The HotFrets Guitar Tuner

The guitar tuner below is an old-fashioned, use-your-ear, tuner. It's good to have a clip-on or some other electronic device but, nothing takes the place of being able to tighten or losen a string so that it matches the pitch of another note.

Go ahead, grab your guitar and click directly on one of the strings below to get a tuning note. You can also use the number keys on your computer keyboard (1 through 6) to sound the various strings.

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