Guitar Lessons


I am slowly but surely porting over all the lessons from the old database and some of the lessons didn't fair well in the transfer (was a different platform so a lot of stuff to be fixed in the transfer). Please check back often because lessons that currently appear empty - or a bit messy or missing pieces, etc - will most likely have been fixed.

Beginner Lessons

  • Introduction To Tablature (style: All)

    Brief description: Explains how to read and understand Tablature for the guitar.

  • Understanding Chord Shapes (style: All)

    Brief description: One thing you gotta love about the guitar is the fact that when you learn one pattern or chord shape, you can transfer that knowledge to many other areas. This lesson gives a little insight into how to make chord shapes work for you.

  • Getting Started (style: All)

    Brief description: All the info you need to get started! Shows parts of the guitar, left and right hands and good playing position.

  • The least-movement principal (style: )

    Brief description: This lesson will help you to understand one of THE most important left-hand principals.

  • Alternate Picking (style: All)

    Brief description: Introduces the technique of alternating up and down pick-strokes.

  • Notes On The 1st String (style: Bluegrass)

    Brief description: Introduces the notes on the 1st string with an exercise to help you learn them.

  • Notes On The 2nd String (style: All)

    Brief description: Includes an exercise to learn the 1st position notes on the 2nd string.

  • Adding The 3rd String (style: All)

    Brief description: Adds the 3rd string in a new exercise using the 1st through the 3rd strings.

  • Notes In 1st Position (style: All)

    Brief description: Chord chart with TAB/Notation of all the natural notes in 1st position.

  • Adding the 4th String (style: All)

    Brief description: Here we combine the notes on the 1st through the 4th strings and introduce sharps and flats.

  • Adding The 5th String (style: All)

    Brief description: Adds the notes on the 5th string as well as rests and tied notes.

  • Adding The 6th String (style: Rock)

    Brief description: We add the 6th string in this lesson which borrows the riff from "Day Tripper" an old Beatles song. Be sure to look at the INFO page FIRST.

  • Introduction To Standard Music Notation (style: All)

    Brief description: Good thorough explanation of how to read music using standard notation.

  • Keys To Effective Rhythm Guitar Part 1 (style: Blues)

    Brief description: Demonstrates a simple yet effective left hand technique that can take you from sounding like a beginner strummer to a confident rhythm guitar player.

Intermediate Lessons

  • Rock n' Roll Blues Riff (style: Blues)

    Brief description: How to play a standard Blues progression in the Rock Style.

  • Fingerpicking/ Fingerstyle Lesson 2 (style: All)

    Brief description: Adding an additional thumb stroke to a simple fingerstyle pattern really makes a big difference.

  • Flatpick Technique (style: All)

    Brief description: Demonstrates in more detail various methods for holding a pick & generally accepted picking techniques using the standard Flatpick.

  • Introduction to Fingerpicking (style: All)

    Brief description: Introduces the fingerstyle or Classic technique and includes a simple practice exercise.

  • Basic Chords and Progressions (style: All)

    Brief description: How to find all the basic chords in every key and tips on how to adjust your hand position to make it easier to play various chords.

  • Barre Chords (style: All)

    Brief description: An introduction to the Barring technique and its use in various styles of playing.

  • Introduction To Bluegrass and Flat-picking (style: Bluegrass)

    Brief description: The bluegrass style and some good ole bluegrass flatpicking tricks.

  • Introduction To Rock Guitar (style: Rock)

    Brief description: What's different about Rock Guitar? Power chords. We use the chord progression from the old song, "Smoke On The Water" to demonstrate.

  • Introduction To Classic Guitar (style: Classical)

    Brief description: The classic guitar technique. How to properly hold the guitar, how to place your right hand, how to properly execute the free stroke, and your first classical piece with orchestral accompaniment!

  • Introduction To Jazz Guitar (style: Jazz)

    Brief description: Gets you started learning how to play with a jazz feel by introducing the light swing style and a common jazz guitar technique.

  • Introduction To Country Style (style: Country)

    Brief description: The bends and turns are what make this style unique.

  • The Pick and Finger Technique (style: )

    Brief description: The right hand method that gives you the ability to play specific combinations of strings.

  • String Stretching (style: )

    Brief description: This is a how-to on string-stretching. It includes an exercise that will help you get a better feel for stretching no matter what style of music you're playing.

  • Introduction To Tapping (style: Rock)

    Brief description: This lesson introduces the technique of tapping which has become an extremely important tool in the rock guitarists toolbox.

  • The Nuances of the Blues Style (style: Blues)

    Brief description: This lesson uses a series of blues licks to show some subtle moves that can make your blues playing much more interesting!

  • Introduction to Blues Guitar (style: Blues)

    Brief description: Teaches what a blues progression is and how to get started playing blues lead guitar. If you want to make up your own lead riffs instead of spending the rest of your guitar playing days copying someone elses, this is the lesson for you! Based on the book by William Bay titled, "Basic Rock Blues Guitar Method" from Mel Bay Publishing. Used with permission. 272K. (Download time, about 1 minute on a 56K dial-up)

  • Introduction to Blues Part II (style: Blues)

    Brief description: Introduces and explains the blues scale with examples of how you can use it to solo over blues progressions. The blues "feel" is also a topic of discussion in the INFO section of this lesson. For the Intermediate player, you should review part I of this series.

  • The Pick-strum Technique (style: Country)

    Brief description: Learn the technique of playing alternating bass notes with chord changes. An important technique for all beginners!

Advanced Lessons

  • Using Triads To Solo Over The ii V I Progression (style: Jazz)

    Brief description: Explains a fresh approach to soloing over an old tired and true (woops, I meant tried and true) progression.

  • A Lesson In 12-Bar Blues (style: Blues)

    Brief description: A 12-Bar Blues example with several blues techniques demonstrated.

  • Clapton Riff (style: Rock)

    Brief description: This is the riff used in the song "Crossroads."

  • Jimmy Page Riff (style: Rock)

    Brief description: This is the riff to the Led Zepplin song "Heartbreaker."

  • Jazz Chord Melodies Lesson I (style: Jazz)

    Brief description: This is a chord melody built on the tune "Twinkle Little Star." A great lesson for the jazz player wanting to learn chord melodies.

  • Brent Mason Style Study (style: Country)

    Brief description: Learn some of the master's secrets and how to play those rapid-fire licks. This one's fun even if you don't do Country! NO PRELOADER ON THIS ONE! PLEASE BE PATIENT AND WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD. (171K)

  • Jazz Chord Melodies Lesson II (style: Jazz)

    Brief description: Using the melody from an old classic Bossa tune, we show you how to play chords and melody at the same time!

  • Soloing Over Rapid-Fire Chord Changes (style: Jazz)

    Brief description: Using the chord changes from Pat Metheny's tune, "Lakes," this advanced lesson demonstrates how you can comfortably solo over rapid changes without jumping all over the neck.

  • Building Solos With The Pentatonic Scale (style: All)

    Brief description: What the Pentatonic Scale is, how it's derived from the major scale, why it works so well in Rock solos, a finger exercise to familiarize yourself with the the modes of the scale across the entire neck of the guitar and a cool background track to practice

  • A Traditional Christmas Tune (style: Classical)

    Brief description: A classic guitar arrangement of the traditional Christmas melody, "O Christmas Tree." This is a solo guitar arrangement.

  • Classic Chord Scales (style: Classical)

    Brief description: Not just for classical guitarists, this lesson gives you the tools for learning and understanding the guitar neck like nothing else will! You'll see chords in a whole new light. Learn how to play chord scales with a melodic interest.

  • Rest Stroke Study (style: Classical)

    Brief description: A fun study to learn that allows you to practice your rest stroke. This one has 2 videos in the HANDS area. One shows the left hand for the entire study and the other one demonstrates the rest stroke. The tutorial for this one is 260K so give it a few seconds to load.

  • Sweep Arpeggios (style: Rock)

    Brief description: How do they do it?! Play arpeggios SO FAST! This lesson reveals a few tips and tricks that will have you on your way to playing sweep arpeggios at lightening speed!

  • Saving Pick Strokes and Gaining Speed (style: Jazz)

    Brief description: Explains how to get the most efficient use out of pick strokes and an exercise that will help you to develop lightening speed. This one applies to all styles in which you use a pick (plectrum).

Theory Lessons