Guitar Arpeggios Learning Tool

Check out the new practice tracks

Select an arpeggio that's either of a major, minor or dominant7 chord type and then scroll down to the area just below the Arpeggiator to pick an audio track to play along with for practicing. Currently these are all in jazz-related styles but more are coming soon.

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Practice Audio

Click on a tab below (Major Trax, Minor Trax or Dominant7 Trax) to reveal practice tracks in each key for a specific chord type. Experiment by finding repeating patterns in whatever arpeggio you have pulled up in the arpeggiator.


To reduce page load time, tracks don't automatically all download but instead load when you click the play button. Once a track has finished playing it will count off and play again until you click the stop button.

    Jazz 4/4 Swing Tempo 140

    For these tracks you can pull up any major chord type such as maj7, 6, 6/9, maj9, maj13

  • Amaj7

  • Bbmaj7 or A#maj7

  • Bmaj7

  • Cmaj7

  • Dbmaj7 or C#maj7

  • Dmaj7

  • Ebmaj7 or D#maj7

  • Emaj7

  • Fmaj7

  • Gbmaj7 or F#maj7

  • Gmaj7

  • Abmaj7 or G#maj7