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Join the hotfrets community. Chord scales or arpeggios. Members version includes all extended and complex chords across the entire neck with real guitar sound. The HotFrets Arpeggiator With Sound!

Beginner Guitarists
There's no reason to be bored while you learn. We'll show you things many of the players you look up to now don't even know and fast!
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Intermediate Guitarists
Feeling stuck in a rut? We'll help you to get out of the box!
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Advanced Guitarists
How would you like to be able to think it and play it? That's the difference between good and great players!
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This free version of the Arpeggiator will only allow you access to major, minor and 7th chords. The member's version gives you access to every chord imaginable and allows you to sound the notes by dragging the virtual pick across the various notes of each chord.

How to Use the HotFrets Arpeggiator

Ever wish you had a resource that could tell you in the blink of an eye what notes fit any chord? Wish no more! The Arpeggiator does exactly that and lets you hear how they sound too!

Here's how it works:

If you want to find the notes for the Cm chord all you do is:

  • Choose "C" from the "root note" menu
  • Choose "min from the "chord type" menu
  • Click the "get chord" button and...

...voila! You've got all the notes of the Cm7b5 chord all across the neck! Then you can play them with your mouse.

Check out the NEW video tutorial on the Arpeggiator «here» (This 7.4MB Streaming Flash Video opens in a new window. Please turn off pop-up blockers. We don't do pop-up ads on this site but many of the instructional videos and other items open in new windows for your convenience.)

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